Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sewing: Pillows

I need to make these.

Gift Post #1

As often happens in the blog world, my amazing post with all the gifts I made was lost in cyber space. Yup, an hour of photos and typing gone so... instead you are going to get a few consecutive gift posts - exciting right? ha!

Today we'll start with gifts made for the Roeschely side of my family.

Photoed here on the left is Brad. Brad is my cousin's new husband. When he heard that I knit he enthusiastically asked if I could made things from alpaca. This enthusiasm scored him a pair of hand-spun alpaca convertible mittens. Instead of my standard loop and button for securing the flap I sewed a snap on the back of the hand and mitt. For the record, its official, I hate sewing on snaps.

The other gifts made for my cousins didn't get photographed, my apologies. But I can give you links to the sewing patterns - hooray! They each received a box bag and a draw string bag. The idea was that these could be a sort of travel set - the box bag for toiletries and the draw string for laundry or shoes. I included some Burt's Bees bath salts and chap stick. I think they were well liked, it was fun choosing fabric for both of them.

Up next: gifts for my mom

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Year in Review: Projects

I may be a little late for the "Year in Review" blog train, but I'm hopping aboard the caboose. This past year there have been some significant changes in my world. I published my first patterns, I registered my business with the US government, I moved to a new town, and started a new job. That seems like a short list for a whole year, but those are the most significant changes, there, of course, have been many others.

Below I have made a mosaic of some of my favorite projects from 2009. They are in no particular order and I just realized they don't include all of my favorite spinning projects, or my fabulous wheel, but another time I suppose. Below the photos are the Ravelry links for each project.

1. Poppy Doll, 2. Convertible Mitts, 3. Saturday Sweater. 4. Barn Raising Blanket, 5. Sunglasses Sock Case, 6. Cozy Leg Warmers, 7. B.O.B. Sweater, 8. Linen Shetland Shopper, 9. Wedding Wraps, 10. Alpaca Socks, 11. French Press Slippers, 12. Slouch Hat, 13. Wedding Cardi, 14. Second Chance Hat, 15. Sedum Cardigan