Friday, November 30, 2007


I first began making earrings because I find beauty in simplicity. I had a hard time finding it in the stores where I was shopping. I have definately opened up to some different designs like my Fiesta Earringsand these Shnazzy Earrings. Now I know, I know, some of you are laughing because those designs are really not that funky at all. Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I had started playing with some designs that were more trendy, funky, and such. Yet I came to this conclusion, if I wouldn't wear it I don't really want to sell it. So a lot of my earrings may be what some folks would call "simple", but here is beauty in simplicity. I hope you see it too.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grand Oak

How beautiful is this? This is a print from Veronika Nagy's Shop of Fine Art and Illustration . Looking at this print I am so deeply reminded of the beauty of trees. There is a deep history in them, there is strength, and there is so much purpose. Also I love the size this is offered in too, it somehow seems to fit the greatness of a tree. I just wanted to share this print and her wonderful little shop. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold and Inspiration

We recently got our first big snow here in the valley. In this snow I have hiked the Great Sand Dunes and gone skiing (yay free lift tickets). From these two outings I have been greatly inspired to knit.

One inspiration has been all of the hats on the ski slopes. Some amazing creativity even from the large stores and ski shops, but they gave me inspiration to make funky designs, to line hats with fleece, and just to have fun with it!

Also being on the dunes was just fabulous. It made me want to cover myself in knitted wool. The beauty of the contrast of textures and colors was just fabulous. It was a reminder that sometimes we need to dare to put colors together or yarns that may not seem logical, but may make something fabulous!

So with all this inspiration I will continue to knit Christmas presents, and soon I will again knit for my lil' shop - so keep watch! And be inspired!

Monday, November 26, 2007


What a wonderful thing weekends are, and even better are extended weekends. My husband and I had a wonderful visit from some friends this holiday. You may be asking what this has to do with design or handcrafts, well I was able to share with my friend the joy of knitting! I had forgotten how fun it is to share what you enjoy. I helped her remember some stitches and showed her how to make knit wash cloths and it was so fun.

So this is my encouragement for the day... be a teacher. Share what you love with those you love. Be understanding and take your time, practice giving clear instructions - and you will have even greater joy in your work.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Knitting Bag

I have formed and odd attachment to this wonderful little bag. I found her on Etsy, well sort of. I began the search... "knitting bag, not needles". I scrolled through at least fifty or more pages, but nothing fit my style or my hopes for the bag that would safe guard my knitting and the precious bamboo that I have invested in.

I happened upon a shop called Cotton and Cloud and I saw a design that was made for a lunch bag or a sock knitting bag, and I thought this could be it! I contacted the shop owner and we spent some time communicating about fabric, size and such. From that this beautiful little bag was born.

This bag goes everywhere with me and I am always amazed at how many projects I can fit inside. At one point I believe I had a sock project, a hat project, and a scarf project being toted around.

So, in short, I just wanted to share with you this fabulous Etsy find, the joy of custom orders, and the wonderful convenience and comfort of having your knitting at your side.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Project

I still have quite a bit of this fabulous old quilt and I don't want to keep making the same things. My ideas were getting a bit ridiculous when I remembered I had planned to make a table runner. Now as I thought about this idea a bit more I like it less because the structure of the quilt wouldn't be maximized so then it came to me... inside out squares. And so was formed the Inside Out Table Top Square! Isn't it just darling? It is 10.5 by 10.25 (obviously my squares weren't perfect). Soon we'll see what else develops out of this quilt.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oxidized Sterling

So it is true, I do some earring designs. I like the instant gratification that doesn't come with knitting. With earrings it goes like so: ideas, supplies, process, and product. For me knitting goes: idea, swatch, frog, start project, frog, begin again, process, process, process, and product. You get the idea, don't get me wrong I still enjoy my knitting.

When I started designing earrings it was simply because I couldn't find earrings I liked in the store. Whenever I would get an outfit for an event I would design myself some earrings to go with it. Well, since I began on Etsy I have been reminded that a lot of folks have sensitive lobes, so here they are... my first pair of sterling silver earrings. I'm actually really excited.

The look of the oxidized sterling silver is so cool. There are going to be more coming early next week - Snazzy Dot Dangles, and Fiesta Dangles - so please check in and let me know what you think!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can't Get Over It

When I first started looking around on Esty I found purposedesign. This shop brought together my love of handmade things and my love of cooking. Their Spice Kits look just amazing, and this Chai Tea kit continues to tempt me. Have a look around their shop, enjoy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Craft of Music

Music is my other creative outlet and today I am excited to enjoy an evening of music. I won't be playing but I will be listening to Jamie Lavaland to Ashley Broder. Jamie is a fiddler and Ashley is a mandolinist. I am working on fiddle and my husband plays mandolin so I am sure it will prove to be an inspiring evening. The other interesting aspect of the evening is the location - Hazlerig Music House. I haven't gotten to experience this home, but I am really looking forward to it. Even though it will be an evening of music I'll probably get a little sock knitting done on the way.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


They are starting to pile up, and yet I can't stop beginning new things. The most recent venture is recycling yarn from sweaters. Now my fellow volunteer has done this successfully, yet I tried last night - not so good. Each row was bound off so I had to un-knot the end of each row. Needless to say I lasted about fifteen minutes.

Besides the projects pictured here I have two others. A scarf and a lonesome quilt waiting to be upcycled some more. I share these projects in hopes that it will be motivation to finish something! Most important are the purple socks. They are a gift and I have another pair to make before Christmas - yikes! Those number 2 needles can be so daunting.

Off I go, to try to complete something!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Yarn Shops

This weekend was my first journey into New Mexico - Taos, to be exact. Entering this small tourist town I really had one goal - YARN! So my friend and I sought out a yarn shop. The first one we encountered demonstrates why shopping in person always tops shopping online.

We walked into the small shop, the walls lined with bookcases piled with yarn. The middle of the room was occupied by a large antique table piled with antique boxes, these too were filled with yarn. There were knitting magazines scattered around the table and shelves and there was an old, spunky woman standing behind the counter.

My friend and I made our way around the store and after finding a few things we knew we needed some experienced advice, and this woman had it. With each of our questions her animation grew and she walked us around and around picking up skeins having us touch them and compare colors to see what we wanted. Her wrinkled hands and cracked fingernails were testament to how many times yarn and needles have been held in her hands, what inspiration.

With joy from all of her wonderful advice and excitement for knitting my friend and were on the sidewalk again walking along when we spotted some hand spun yarn hanging by a doorway. We walked in that door to discover two large rooms full of hand spun yarn and weaving!

The shop lady looking up tight with her jet black hair, bright pink lipstick, and reading glasses resting on the end of her nose, took one look at us and said, "I have a sale bin over here." Though she had us pinned correctly we were a bit offended, but when we went to check out the shop lady transformed and amazed us with a generous heart. She gave me 75% off all of the yarn I had chosen, when the sale bin was only to be marked down to 20% off. God has his ways of teaching us not to judge others, my lesson was learned and my yarn joy overflowed.

Now I have beautiful yarn and my mind is reeling with creations. Hopefully soon things will be popping up in my shop.