Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shelf Re-Do

As many of you know I enjoy a good thrift store. It seems I don't often buy clothes, but usually stuff to decorate or organize our apartment. So when Claire and I were browsing around a shop in Fort Collins and I saw this I began to think about its bathroom potential.

Our bathroom doesn't have any extra storage it, besides the vanity, and there are somethings I prefer to leave out so I thought the $4 shelf might be a good investment. As you can tell from the photos is it s bit beat up, but I like the interesting detail of the front - I'm almost certain this shelf started out as shiny gold in the early '70's.

All of our bathroom stuff is a mis-match of bright colors so I decided that a sunny yellow would look quite nice. And after all, if I don't like it I'll just spray paint over it!

I wiped it down and hammered out some the dents and then did one coat of the spray paint. And voila! About $7 later I had this cute shelf hanging in my bathroom.