Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kitchen Christening

My weekend mostly consisted of Sunday. I don't really remember what happened on Saturday, but I'm sure something did. I vaguely remember the farmer's market, picking up a vacuum from freecycle, and going to the library. Oh, that's right, we went to a movie (Julie & Julia - we recommend it). That is what I did with my Saturday. But Sunday...

Sunday afternoon in its entirety was spent in the kitchen. The afternoon produced salsa, pickles, and bread. I am pleased as punch with all of them, except I want more pickles, which I believe I will make happen.

I promise to share the recipes for all three, and since they aren't with me today you will have to be held in suspense. But for you viewing pleasure here is the birthday cake that David made for me. I am sure he made it just as much for himself (because he loves cake), but I'll pretend it was all for me. I still can't put my finger on why I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting - somehow it has the perfect balance.

And here's a glimpse at my birthday flowers from my boss, yay.

Recipes and knitting to come!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Happy Birthday Indeed

Good morning, I decided that since it is by birthday for my morning break I would read blogs and write a little note on mine.

Thanks for all the comments welcoming me back to internet life. It is always so nice to hear from you folks who stop in to read my ramblings.

My b-day has gone well so far, I received flowers and chocolate from one of my bosses, a friend is taking me out for lunch, and another dear friend is coming into town tonight. And I think last night was the last one for the air mattress - we bought a bed yesterday! Oh what a blessing is Craigslist for the thrifty.

In the knitting world... I have been attending the Boulder Knitter's group meeting the last two Wednesdays and it has been quite fun. Always nice to meet folks in the area with similar interests.

Our first meeting was in a shop that is going out of business, which meant serious bargains. I was able to get my hands on some Berroco NaturLin for this #12 skirt from Knit.1. The color I found doesn't do anything for my skin tone, it's call oats, but I plan to figure out something for dyeing it - maybe navy... any other good color ideas? I already have a great black skirt and brown skirt.

(Beautiful skirt photo ganked from mintyfresh's project - she has some great work, check out her projects)

Work beckons... hasta luego!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coming Up for Air

Hello all of my faithful 13 readers. Let the silence be broken. I am moved (for the most part, Illinois leg yet to be done) and will hopefully soon be able to start blogging again.

David and I have not yet signed up for internet at home. A pain yes, but the library is free. At this point any little internet break I take at work consists of looking at Craigslist for furniture. So far so good on that front. We have scored a love-seat with a pull out twin bed, and cute table with two chairs that is awaiting our refinishing efforts.

Work is going well - for those who can't quite recall I am working as a paralegal in two immigration lawyers' offices. It is nice to be busy at work. I am learning quite a lot, as one always does when starting a new job. Still need to add to my work wardrobe, but that will come in time (and moo-lah).

I have hopes of adding some new knitting to my shop, but not until these September weddings have gone by. So until the next post, which will hopefully have some photos, just imagine mustard colored sock (oh yes).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honey Carmel Peach Pie

>>>>> I just found this post saved in my drafts. I supposed I never posted it because I never took photos of the pie. But it was really good so you should check out the recipe and just ignore my unfinished typing. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Here in Colorado the peaches are ripe and all over the markets. I very much enjoy peaches, but generally not as a hand fruit. I like them in milkshakes and smoothies, on ice cream, and in pie. As I was reading my July issue of Gourmet (thanks again Esther) I was flagging things that sounded yummy and this Honey Carmel Peach Pie was one of those things.