Monday, December 10, 2007

My Pocket

I would like to share with you a little bit about the pocket that is in my shop. This Manos del Uruguay pocket holds a special place in my knitting experiences.

First of all the yarn itself is rather precious to me. It supports a cause that I hold in high regard. Manos del Uruguay is a non for profit organization composed of more than 400 artisans throughout Uruguay, their goal is to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women. It excites me to support their organization by purchasing their yarn.

Secondly, this is some of the first high quality yarn I ever purchased. A yarn shop opened in Goshen, Indiana - where I was living at the time - and I saw this yarn and, of course, fell in love! I bought it and attempted to knit a scarf. This was very early in my knitting experience and I soon found out there wasn't enough yarn for a scarf - so there sat the knitted piece for months.

Later as I learned more about knitting I frogged the piece and added some more Manos yarn and knit a pair of socks, a hat, and then a bit remained. I loved this yarn so much I couldn't let even a bit of it go un-used. And so I knit this little pocket and adorned it with an old antique button from my husband's grandmother.

As I look at that pocket I think of how far the yarn has traveled, how many years that button has served its purpose, and of the joy connected with that yarn and I think, "Yes, it truly is one of a kind."


  1. What a lovely history for that little pocket! It sure does add a sentimental appeal to the piece.

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