Monday, August 4, 2008

Etsy Work

My Etsy shop was very ignored through the months of June and July. Other than a few sales I pretty much didn't do a thing with it, no relisting or new listings. But now August is here and I have about ten new items to list and I'm ready to gear up for the fall. I think that it is probably okay for a shop full if knit items and yarn to take a little sabbatical in the summer months.

This morning I listed my latest French Press cozy that I made with my own hand spun blend. I used a Turkish spindle, which I was borrowing and now covet, to spin the blend of silk and wool for that cozy.

Also this morning I listed a modern yellow scarf that I knit from an upcycled sweater. The sweater was originally white and I dyed it this pale yellow. As I was knitting this with what I thought might end up a woven pattern it turned out to be a double knit, which is way cooler for this chunky yarn. It is a very snuggly scarf.

So that is what's going on today in my lil' shop, but I'll be adding lots of goodies this week!

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