Saturday, September 19, 2009


I this summer I did some evaluating of projects which led to some ripping out.

First was the hat I had made for David our of my lovely hand dyed, hand spun merino. The photo on the left is of the yarn after frogging the hat, and the hat is pictured to the left.

He really liked the yarn and the look of the hat, but decided he would prefer something tighter knit and thicker. So my plan this winter is to make a double knit alpaca hat on smaller needles. I realized that hat was the only thing I had ever knit for him, and now it is frogged, ha.

My new plan for this yarn is to make the Felicity hat for myself. I hope I get to start on it soon, Wednesday's high was 45, but Monday's is 80 so we'll see.
Next we have my Razor Tank. It was frogged because each time I put it on this past summer I took it off right away. So no wearing means time to use the yarn for other things. I don't have anything specific in mind for this yarn. I have roughly 400 yards. At this point I'm leaning towards a scarf for my Etsy shop, but let me know if any of you have other bright ideas.

No worries, I haven't gone ripping out any of my sweaters just yet. Although, I haven't really been wearing my caplet or bolero. I think I might start wearing the caplet again with long sleeves. If I take apart the bolero I just don't know what I would do with that amount of hand spun cotton . But I'm open to discussing it. Thoughts?

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