Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Late Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are continuing to enjoy the weekend. David and I have safely made it north central Illinois as we sit and freeze in my parents' 65 degree house (yeah they keep it that cold on purpose).

So we made it through Kansas and Missouri on Christmas Eve. We spent the last couple days with my in-laws in south central Illinois - enjoying wonderful food and lovely company. Today we also stopped in at my grandma's on our way up to my folks through the snow.

I had a pretty photo of ornaments to share with you today, but yeah, forgot to upload it before leaving home - sorry.

The rest of the plan this weekend is pretty simple - tomorrow Roeschley family Christmas, then Monday chill with my folks till we catch the train home in the afternoon.

Be safe and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hey, I have enjoyed your comments on my blog :) I am glad to hear all your travels went well, and the return trip will be safe as well. By the way, we keep our house at 68F, not much warmer than your parents! I wondered if you could send me your new home address; then, we can send a baby announcement when the time comes.. or the yearly updates at Christmas. Also, do you know Andy and Alice's address? I don't have it. Tell those his we know and have a great rest of 2009.

  2. ohhhh. 65 degrees inside. dude. that's like arctic weather to me.

    hope you had a great christmas!

    train home safely!


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