Thursday, February 3, 2011

Herringbone Cowl

Since everyone around this country seems to be freezing their faces off I thought you all might like to see the snuggly knit I recently finished.

This is the Big Herringbone Cowl by The Purl Bee. As soon as I saw the this cowl I had to make it. And it just so happens that same day (as I went hunting for yarn) I found this amazing Baby Alpaca/Bamboo mix - Mirasol Qina - on clearance (follow that link because it still is on clearance)! The yarn is incredibly soft and warm, words cannot describe it.

The structure of this knit is simple but many people find the herringbone stitch to be obnoxious. I didn't mind doing the stitch, but I found that I didn't have has much freedom to correct my mistakes as I do with traditional knitting. I could tink (knit backwards) on a row, but I could not drop stitches down to fix a problem.

On my Ravelry page you can find my knitting notes, a few more photos, and links to other people's projects. So what do you think? Doesn't everyone need a cowl?


  1. Yes, everyone needs a cowl! I love that Qina yarn too - can't believe how soft it is!

  2. One day I'll complete a project other than a coffee cup "sleeve" that I'm proud of. :-) This is really pretty, Emmy. Looks cozy.


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