Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to the Blogging World

Hey look! I still have a blog! Hi there folks.

I'm back at work which might mean I'm back to blogging for you all - with baby free lunches and break times there is a chance.

I have learned that time flies once babies enter the picture. The times are amazing, just fast. I started back to work the end of April and though the transition wasn't "fun" I think it has been good. Anna comes to the office with me twice a week for the time being - that is the plan for the month of May. But on the days she isn't with me I have to say, it is really nice to be so excited to see my baby girl at the end of the day when I get home from work.

Crafting, cooking, sewing, and knitting have been a lot slower to fruition these days, but they are all happening. Since SO MANY people I know are having babies (honestly, 5 born in the last 2.5 weeks!) there has been much baby knitting - including a couple things for Anna. I'll share just a few of the many items - Above: Daisy Stitch Leg Warmers, Below: Fiona, Victorian Lace Shrug, and Puerperium Cardigan)
Just this week I finished sewing up some birdies for a mobile that I hope to finish soon. Also, there are plans in the works to refinish some dresser handles and finally attach them to a dresser. And better yet, I have plans to cook up some beef stew this weekend and maybe bake some scones.

I'm hoping all these plans will make for some (at least semi) interesting blog posts and, of course, I will be sharing some fun finds from Pinterest.

So, please stick around. I can't guarantee a post everyday, but I'm shooting for at least once a week! I will confess, there will be some baby info/photo/update posts - hope that's ok with ya all. I mean, don't you wanna see this face around here?

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