Friday, November 16, 2007

Oxidized Sterling

So it is true, I do some earring designs. I like the instant gratification that doesn't come with knitting. With earrings it goes like so: ideas, supplies, process, and product. For me knitting goes: idea, swatch, frog, start project, frog, begin again, process, process, process, and product. You get the idea, don't get me wrong I still enjoy my knitting.

When I started designing earrings it was simply because I couldn't find earrings I liked in the store. Whenever I would get an outfit for an event I would design myself some earrings to go with it. Well, since I began on Etsy I have been reminded that a lot of folks have sensitive lobes, so here they are... my first pair of sterling silver earrings. I'm actually really excited.

The look of the oxidized sterling silver is so cool. There are going to be more coming early next week - Snazzy Dot Dangles, and Fiesta Dangles - so please check in and let me know what you think!


  1. Ha! I just did a post on how I haven't knit in *ages*, I think because I get such instant gratification (or, at least, more instant) out of other crafts. Don't get me wrong--the finished product makes all of the time & effort worthwhile but I totally understand.

  2. very nice emmy lou. I love the earthy colors!


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