Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Knitting Bag

I have formed and odd attachment to this wonderful little bag. I found her on Etsy, well sort of. I began the search... "knitting bag, not needles". I scrolled through at least fifty or more pages, but nothing fit my style or my hopes for the bag that would safe guard my knitting and the precious bamboo that I have invested in.

I happened upon a shop called Cotton and Cloud and I saw a design that was made for a lunch bag or a sock knitting bag, and I thought this could be it! I contacted the shop owner and we spent some time communicating about fabric, size and such. From that this beautiful little bag was born.

This bag goes everywhere with me and I am always amazed at how many projects I can fit inside. At one point I believe I had a sock project, a hat project, and a scarf project being toted around.

So, in short, I just wanted to share with you this fabulous Etsy find, the joy of custom orders, and the wonderful convenience and comfort of having your knitting at your side.


  1. I absolutely love that fabric! The brown trim goes perfectly. I also love its slender size. Perfect!


  2. Nice blog! I have to say, custom pieces is one of the best things about Etsy! I love making them and buying them! :)

  3. oooh what a cute bag. Does it stand up on its own when it's empty? I wish I could afford a new bag =}


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