Monday, April 14, 2008

Gets Better and Better

So I continue to fall in love with spinning. I recently learned about Fulled Yarn. I asked around on Ravelry about the process and such and then decided to go for it! This Muted Spring skein is the result - hooray!

As I dyed this roving I was unsure of it. I didn't really like how the colors mixed and once I spun it I felt it was just "okay". I decided it would be a good skein to test this new technique of making fulled yarn. The process involves agitating the wool in hot and cold water and the absolute best part is whacking it all around. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was mad as I whacked this yarn full force on my front step, but it was oh so fun.

I have just listed this skein in my Etsy shop and I titled it Muted Spring.


  1. That came out really nice. Check out my blog for all my spinning adventures. I've been using my drop spindle more as of late than the wheel. You're using a spindle I think?
    Hat is still holding up great! It's been washed many times and still looks brand new. No shrinkage at all and the colors are still bright!

  2. It looks really nice.

    I would have loved to see you whacking it on your front step! Too funny!

  3. So pretty and soooo soft looking!

    I love it!

  4. The colors are great, and it looks so soft!

  5. That does look like lots of fun, and it looks so beautiful too.


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