Thursday, April 3, 2008

Purses to Finish

Please don't think I have ignored the poll request for more purses in my shop, I haven't - I just can't seem to get them done! I have two in progress and one in my head. I'm most excited about the one in my head that will be made from a flour sack, but I have decided I am not allowed to begin sewing until I finish these knit ones.

Let me walk you through these pictures a bit. This first purse, the red one on the right, has a lovely celtic

cable for the front panel and it is being made from upcycled yarn. I plan to line it with a dark chocolate brown, and have a button loop closure. The strap will also be knitted and make the purse some what rectangular. Can you see it?

The recycled silk bag will have a button closure as well, but will be a bit different. As you can see from this smaller photo it opens large at the top
so I plan to have it button closed across one direction and have the handles on the opposite sides so that it brings it all together like the top photo. I realize that is hard to picture, but I thought I'd at least try to describe it.

So which style do you like best? Any ideas to add to these bags? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. they oth look great! I lie the recyled silk the best I think, its the colours.

  2. I like both and they are each different but for only one would vote the Celtic cable.

  3. good luck finishing! i know that can be hard sometimes

    ps i love your coffee coozie :)

  4. I like the first one the best!

    And your coffee cozies are great!

  5. Oh they are both so nice...and I too love the coffee cozy :)

  6. i like the first one, but that's because i'm a sucker for cables.... but they're both really nice!

  7. I love the celtic design, it's gorgeous!



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