Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring and Fall

While up here in the northern hemisphere it is Spring (well in most places) down in the southern hemisphere is it autumn approaching winter. For those reasons thought it would be the perfect time to feature the items in my shop made from this upcycled hand dyed Alpaca.

My first project with this yarn was these cute mittens. The mittens are wonderfully snuggly and what makes me most excited about them is that they are 100% my own design. Also they are the fitted type so they don't slide all over your hand!

Also this headband is unique because it has a lattice type pattern knit into it. These knit headbands are really great, I know some folks are leery of trying new headbands but these are worth it! I model mine for you in my Etsy listings of headbands.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these fall/spring items and feel free to come have a look around my shop at other items too! Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous color! I love it!!!

  2. What wonderful colors..they are both great items for fall/winter..I have to admit, I am so glad spring is here..we had a nasty winter.

  3. You are so smart!!! Now you're going to be famous in Australia and South America!


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