Friday, May 30, 2008

Work Space

On Etsy I often see people sharing photos of their work spaces so people get a little idea of their creative environment. I must admit I have never posted a photo, but have definately snooped through them to see where people work and live. As I considered this I thought I would share my work space with you all since you've gotten to know me a bit through this blog. I will warn you, it probably won't be very interesting.

The photo above is me at my desk at work. I put this up because this is really where I do a LOT of my knitting and spinning even. Whenever there is down time, which is often because I mostly teach and that is in the evenings, I get out my project and work away.

These next photos are a couple shots of David and my apartment. It is really little so I don't exactly have a work room, but rather commandeer the living room / dining area.

You can see my swift clamped onto the table. Laying on the table is my hand spun cotton bolero that is now finished - don't worry I'll show you the finished product soon.

Here on the futon, yes that is right, a 25 year old woman that has a futon for a couch, you can see my knitting bag. Those little cubbies on right house my stash, needles, and my Gourmet magazines.

And other than on the road those are my creative spaces.


  1. its so clean and organized! my space is a gigantic mess... but I still know where everything is.

  2. Emmy, you are so cute! I love your desk at work, i've always wanted something like that at home, so I can use half for my computer space and the other half for beading and such... that would be so cool... to be able to whip out a craft project at work! Yay for that!

    And I so hear ya about living in small spaces, we have to be creative don't we? But of course there's *always* room for crafting... hehee...

  3. Love the sign, lol! Isn't it always the dream to have a designated space for art? You know, the space where projects can be left out and you just shut the door when company arrives? Someday... ~Tina


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