Monday, December 8, 2008

Angry Elephant

I can't stand it. The elephant still looks angry so I'm gonna make another one. I know, I know, rediculous. I will have enough yarn, but I might need to get a bit more stuffing.

Things I learned:
- apparently I put the body on the wrong side of the head (that is the only way I can figure for the angry eyes)

-that I need to stuff the the head/neck more firmly

- the legs are supposed to be a bit longer that the arms

So I'll correct those things with this next one - hopefully I'll get it done in just a couple days. I'm nearing half way done with my second Sheldon. Not second in a row, just the second one I have ever done. Once that is done I'll start my Ellie II (I have to use the same needles.).

Okay back to speed knitting.


  1. I don't think he looks angry. He just doesn't appear to show any emotion! LOL. I will be interested in seeing how the second one looks in comparison.


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