Monday, December 1, 2008

Whoopie Pies

I volunteered to make the desserts for our Thanksgiving feast this past week. After spending an afternoon browsing Gourmet and I finally decided I should make some traditional pumpkin pies and then I figured we had to have some chocolate so I settled on making Whoopie Pies.

I have never made pumpkin pies or crusts so I chose from the trusty recipes on Gourmet and was very please with both the pumpkin and the pastry. Even more exciting is that the crust on the left over pie is still crispy! Although it did remind me how much I hate my tiny oven.

I began searching the internet for the appropriate whoopie pie recipe. See, there are two kinds of filling for whoopie pies - crisco or marshmallow fluff. I find the crisco filling to be the more legit filling - though in normal life I avoid both crisco and marshmallow fluff.I couldn't find any recipe that I felt I could trust. You know that feeling? None of them were from website I had used in the past and after reading the recipes I wasn't sure it was what I was going for. So I called my mother-in-law, she is a good cook and has Amish heritage so her whoopie pie recipe is to be trusted. The result was success! They were husband and Goshen/Newton Mennonite persons approved!

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  1. I have several PA Dutch/Amish/Mennonite cookbooks laying around just for their basic dessert recipes. I know what you mean about finding a trust worthly recipe. If you are looking to make a pumpkin whoppie pie, go to Rachel Ray's website. She has one with a cream cheese filling that turned out beautifully! The only change I made was not adding as much 10x sugar for the cream cheese filling.


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