Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FO: Sedum Sweater

As I typing about this finished sweater I realized I had accidentally kept it a secret. It was kept a secret because I never remembered to get any photos of it. So now, the great unveiling! Tah dah!

Sedum by Jane Richmond. Knit with Cascade Ecological Wool, I thought the color was "coffee" but now I don't know for sure (I'll get back to you on that), on size 10US needles.

It is a very simple knit. I enjoyed doing the seed stitch, it kept me attentive. I did make a it a little larger around the bust than the original pattern, but I'm not sure I would have needed to (now that all is said and done).

Let me just say this wool is amazing! So so light and soft and a bargin! Also I like that it doesn't look extremely bulky. I mean I really love bob, but he is bulky.

It took me awhile to find buttons for this cutie. Well, actually it took me many locations. There weren't any I liked here in town (not really a shock), and I also looked in three or four shops on our trip up to Estes Park but no luck. I did find a shop on Etsy that is fabulous, but then we went to Shuttles, Spindles, & Skeins Inc. and finally I found some! I still feel they could be a bit larger, but I am definately not unhappy with them.

I'm planning to cast on another one of these for my friend, Julia, but I need to get to my local yarn shop and see if they have some more brown. I'll probably get started knitting this weekend!


  1. what a beautiful sweater. I love the color and it looks great on you!!!

  2. It's lovely, Emmy! You look so nice in that color. It really turned out well.


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