Friday, May 15, 2009

The New Bag

Do you ever just decide, "heck, I deserve something nice!". Well, that was my conclusion about mid-April. So I shot my our lys owner an email since they carry Namaste products. It just so happened she was putting in an order so my special request for a Laguna bag could be tagged on.

I had a little trouble deciding between peacock blue and the olive green. I decided to go with the olive because somehow I felt like it might be a little more timeless.

I have had this bag for about two weeks now and I must say it doesn't disappoint.

I can fit just about anything inside with room to spare. When I first got it I was finishing my Sedum sweater and was able to fit the whole thing inside (with all my purse stuff).

This is definately not a shopping purse (too heavy), but it I am really liking it for travel. When we were in Estes Park I really liked having my knitting, purse stuff, journal, and snacks all handy (yes, snacks, sometimes I'm like a toddler, ha).

I have also made two project bags to go inside and I love them. I plan to take some photos for you very soon and link the tutorial.

I am glad I treated myself, but there shall be no more nice things for quite awhile. With treating myself to this lovely bag, a trip to Santa Fe, a trip to Estes Park, and still yet another trip to Springs next week (oh and trip to PA in June) there shall be no more knitting treats until the funds replenish. That said, there are some days I almost hug my new bag.

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