Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Wraps for a Distraction

So I have been knitting furiously to keep myself from going nuts waiting to hear about the job for which I interviewed. I will admit my focus is better this week than waiting hear last week. Last Friday I found out I was in the top two and I am supposed to find out today one way or another, but it is nearly five and no news. It's alright, I'll lean on the "no news is good news" phrase and keep my patience growing.

In all this waiting I have completed the second bridesmaid wrap and have 4 more inches to go on the third. I have also found that I very much prefer twisting the fringe to braiding it. Braiding takes about 4 hours and twisting takes more like 2 hours - if I remember right.

The pattern is the Phiaro Scarf from Interweave and here is the Ravelry link. For these wraps I am knitting the bamboo satin on US 5 needles. I am casting on 180 stitches using the long tail method and knitting until the fabric measures 17 inches.

We will be wearing the wraps with these great dresses from Target.

If I keep knitting at this rate I should be able to get them done before we move on from the valley.

Please excuse the bra straps in the back photo and my odd expression in the other. It was late and I just wanted to show you all how great it looks across the shoulders.

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