Monday, July 27, 2009

SLV Folk Art and Fiber Festival

It looks like I'm becoming a once a week blogger. I was looking through my photos and I realized I never shared our local fiber fest with you. Don't worry though, I'm still planning to share my fiber surprise with you, I just haven't gotten the chance to take photos of the beauty yet.

So the fiber festival was July 10th-12th (which now seems like months ago). I was able to go for a bit in the morning on the 11th. Claire and I meandered around the park peeking in booths. It seemed there were many more vendors than last year.

I didn't buy anything, but I did complete a trade with a friend of mine. I had knit her some fair isle mits and in exchange she gave me 6 ounces of polworth fleece as well as fine targhee fleece. So I went home very happy.

Our lys owner was at the fest with her wonderful booth. I'm excited for the Yarn Gallery grand opening townards the end of August!

Speaking of the end of August... we got the two bedroom apartment in Louisville! We are very excited. I have been busy with all the transition details, but soon we'll be trasitioning. I move up about a week and a half before David and then we don't actually move our things in until another two weeks so this will be a long process. Hopefully I'll have some interesting photos and projects along the way.

Current wedding wrap status: 12 of 17 inches into wrap number 4 of 5 required (but maybe 6)

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  1. Oh Emmy, sorry to hear about your lack of furniture owning. We certainly understand. We own maybe 5% of the furniture in our house... We own an exercise ball too if that is any consolation! :)

    Oh, and I love your newest yarn creations. You're so lovely!


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