Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kitchen Christening

My weekend mostly consisted of Sunday. I don't really remember what happened on Saturday, but I'm sure something did. I vaguely remember the farmer's market, picking up a vacuum from freecycle, and going to the library. Oh, that's right, we went to a movie (Julie & Julia - we recommend it). That is what I did with my Saturday. But Sunday...

Sunday afternoon in its entirety was spent in the kitchen. The afternoon produced salsa, pickles, and bread. I am pleased as punch with all of them, except I want more pickles, which I believe I will make happen.

I promise to share the recipes for all three, and since they aren't with me today you will have to be held in suspense. But for you viewing pleasure here is the birthday cake that David made for me. I am sure he made it just as much for himself (because he loves cake), but I'll pretend it was all for me. I still can't put my finger on why I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting - somehow it has the perfect balance.

And here's a glimpse at my birthday flowers from my boss, yay.

Recipes and knitting to come!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Emmy Lou. Hope you've had a good day!


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