Monday, April 19, 2010

Lendrum Bag (and a bit of catch up)

I have had quite a few blog posts written in my mind over the last month that haven't made it into type. I have completed quite a few baby projects this month. Some of them were for my niece, who is due to arrive next month (although more likely to be June). And some of the baby items have been for others to gift, which are fun just the same.

There has also been some crocheting. The hot-pad on the left was sent off for my cousin to enjoy.

Our Boulder Knitting Collective group had ourselves a crochet brunch workshop in March. At this workshop I attempted my first granny square and hot pad backing.

I have concluded that at this point my crochet likes are limited to baby blankets, afghans, and potholders. But in those three categories I do really enjoy the result. (hence the baby blanket for my niece - see link above)

Well, as the title of this point tells you I have new bag for my Lendrum spinning wheel! Hooray! The design and amazing construction of this bag was by SpinderellaBags. The owls (there is one on the back too) are my embroidery that was originally planned for a laptop bag that was an epic fail. I am so glad Lauren from Spinderella was able to save them from a much sadder fate.

I have more photos of my new bag on my flickr page, model shots and all.

I am very excited to have this bag, it makes my already portable wheel so much more portable. I am now able to pack up my wheel without worries of scratching or dining it as I take it to and from and in and out of the car. All that means I am much more likely to take it with me to knitting group/friend's houses and so on.

Currently spinning some silky angora and alpaca... soon to be made into some 3-ply amazingness.

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