Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holiday Party for the Knitterly

Yes, you read the title right - a holiday party. Our local knitting groups decided we would have our gift exchange in January this year. It makes sense since we all live around here why make the holiday times extra busy and it gives you something to look forward to once all the hustle and bussle of December is over.

Our exchange is a version of Yankee Swap, where you can choose to open a gift or steal an already opened gift when it is your turn. I was stolen from quite a few times, but I ended up with a beautiful skein of cashmere.

I think I'll be making myself a little lace scarf with this skein. I have never knit real lace, but I think cashmere is a good reason to give it a try. I am liking the Ginger Leaves Shawlette by Christina Wall (photo is from knitpicks or Ms. Wall).

I feel the need to point out that I probably won't wear this so much like kerchief - that may be understood, but anyhow... at the party there was opening of gifts...
.... there were attempts to hide yarn....

... there was stealing....

.... and there was a lot of knitting.

It was a lovely time. We also ate delicious food and sipped mimosas, just lovely. Thanks ladies!


  1. The party looks like it was very fun! (So does the oatmeal stout - let me know how it turned out - we have tried home brewing a few times with mixed results.)

  2. It looks like you are finding a niche in your new home (is it still considered new after 2 years?). I enjoy reading your blog. When you post, I think of all our talks and your knitting projects. Madison still LOVES Lulu. I haven't washed her yet because I am afraid to ruin her. If you have washing tips, I am all for knowing them :) Hope you are doing well. If we ever make it out to Colorado, we'll let you know.

  3. Oooh, that looks like so much fun. I wish I'd been there with you ladies. Can't wait to see your lace! Lots of love from the drizzly PNW. xoxo


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