Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Update

Time again for a photo update. The holidays were wonderful - with the exception of the flu (thanks for cleaning up Esther!), but it was short lived. I realized though that since I wasn't feeling up to par at the in-law's I didn't take any photos when we were down there!!!! Gah! So I apologize there aren't photos of our time in Arthur... but here are photos from the rest of our time in Illinois- be prepared for a lot of Zoe cuteness.

My fam ^

Zoe's Christmas hat ^

Z with her Great Grandma ^

And I just love this photo, I had to post it ^
(poor Z was teething so now and then there would be bursts of tears)

Handsome hubs ^

Tia and Zoe ^

Dad ^

Mom ^

Zoe modeling a sweater I made for her ^

Linds and Brad (pretending to be at prom) ^

Cousins <3>

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  1. Zoe is a doll :) Looks like some great knitted gifts came rolling off your needles!


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