Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tah dah! This scarflette comes from the bag of wool in my earlier post. This wool is so ridiculously soft! I hand dyed it these bright spring colors, and I spun it on my drop spindle. I decided to double ply the yarn so all the amazing colors would come through.

Also, I am excited to share this big red button. I know it may not seem like much, but I purchased this button when I was living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. A good friend and I happened upon an old shop. It looked like your classic old general store with tall shelves and small drawers all around. There I bought this button and some old ribbon. Now I wish I had purchased so much more from this shop. Maybe one day I'll get to go back.

I am spinning more of this yarn, but it will be a finer weight. I plan to make head bands and a French press cozy. I haven't offered cozies in my shop previously, but just this weekend I was using the cozy I made for myself and fell in love with it again - so I thought I should share the love.

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  1. This is GORGEOUS! The colors really pop! I would love to have your permission to put this photo in "My Faves" on my blog!


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  3. So cute and I LOVE the colors! Great job hun!!!

  4. The colors remind me of warmer weather. I love ii!


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