Monday, February 11, 2008

You asked for them and here they are....

...Recycled Silk Fingerless gloves! I have been taking various polls on this blog. One of which was what type of yarn do you prefer, the result was recycled silk. Another poll, which you can still vote on, says that fingerless gloves are what you hope to buy this month. Combining those two results I have knit these beautiful fingerless gloves!

I found it interesting that in the end these gloves didn't have as much give to them as my knit hats, and previous recycled silk gloves. Because of that it does take a little tug to get them on, but I made the specially for spring. The colors include a great bit of yellow with some green accent and I made the fingers a bit shorter so that they will be comfortable to wear as it gets warmer.

They were posted in my shop just this morning so head over there to check them out and see some more views of them being modeled and at different angles. Enjoy shopping!


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