Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh the Kitten who lost her mittens... it you? If so, no worries, I have them in my shop! (I know, dumb joke) Anyhow, I have recently listed my very first pair of mittens and I thought I should share with you why they are so wonderful.

One of the first things to appreciate about these mittens is that they are fitted. Wearing these there won't be any flopping around, you'll still be able to pick up your cup of coffee.

Also, these mittens are made from upcycled yarn. I took apart a Burberry Sweater that I found at thrift store and hand dyed it these lovely shades of lavender, green, and teal. Yes, you did read that right a $200 sweater can now be luxuriously worn on your hands. The wool is 100% Alpaca so it is amazingly soft.

Those are just a few of the wonderful things about these mittens. To see them modeled, read more details, and to see more angles check out the listing in my shop.

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  1. i voted! i voted!

    super cute mittens, by the way! kinda inspires me to lose my ratty old pair of mittens, hmmmm...



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