Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Fiddle

Wish me luck! Today will be my first fiddle lesson. Yes, I say fiddle, not violin. You are correct in thinking they are the same instrument, but the difference is in how they are played. Truly, I know nothing about all of this. I have always liked the fiddle and so my husband bought me one for Christmas a couple years ago, and yes, I am just getting around to taking lessons. I did try to learn from a DVD for a bit, that didn't go too well. I'll let you know how lessons turn out!

Oh and here's a glimps of what I'm currently knitting. My brain hurts. But the best part is my hubby saw what I was working on and said, "You're getting too good at that." Ha ha


  1. Best wishes on the fiddlin'! After several months of practice, you should record yourself and put the track on the blog.

  2. OH best of luck with your fiddle lessons! How fun! I can't wait to get to a point in my life where I can take lessons again.
    We better get some sound clips on here! hehe

  3. Good for you--do something new and have an adventure, yay! Sweet hubbies are a good thing as well...sounds like we both have those. :0)

    Happy Fiddlin',

  4. That's so awesome you are learning how to play the fiddle!!
    and I LOVE what you are starting to knit! I cannot wait to see the finished product

  5. I love what you've started to knit! I knit, but haven't tried fair aisle or anything close yet. Maybe one day....


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