Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Luis Flurries

No! It has not started snowing here... yet. There was a freeze last night, but hopefully the days will continue to be lovely. Still I decided to take task at designing my first fair isle pattern.

When I began knitting I never used patterns. I was taught how to make a basic sock, then I made a hats, scarves, and at some point I decided I wanted to learn how to make a thumb gusset so I found a pattern for fingerless gloves. It was from there I entered the wonderful world of patterns and in turn Ravelry.

Since I had begun my knitting without patterns I decided I sure as heck should be able to write one, and that I did. I'm trying to decided if I should write the pattern up for sale on Etsy, and I'm also trying to decided if I want to keep the hat or sell it. You can only have so many knitted things, but truth be told I don't have a hat like it.


  1. Super cute pattern I love it.I am going to come back this winter and shop at your shop:0)you do a Awesome Job:0)

  2. Good work Emmy, too bad I live in Africa and can't buy any of your amazing winter gear. Send David our greetings.


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