Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sewing my Japanese Knot Bag

So I haven't exactly taken up sewing, but the curtains got so boring that I decided I should at least try something else. I came across the pattern for this bag from a blog that I was reading. Here's the blog and here's the pattern.

I gotta say that I actually enjoyed making this bag. I used a flour sack and some navy fabric I found at a thrift store. I was able to clearly understand the instructions and make something that has hidden seams. Yay! Also it is a GREAT lunch bag.

I'm not in love with sewing now by any means, but I have my eye on another pattern I'd like to try. It's a simple skirt, well it looks simple, but the draw back is I'd have to purchase the pattern. I know, and will admit, I am cheap.


  1. And sometimes patterns and fabric can cost more than a new skirt from the store! However, it's much more fun to say you've made it yourself.

  2. love it! must check out that tutorial...

  3. I love the fabric/flour sack you used! The bag looks so cool!


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