Monday, November 17, 2008

afgahns for Afghans and entrelac

Yippee, our area knitting group sent off 19 pairs of mittens to Afghanistan through afghans for Afghans. If you want to see which ones I knit you can see the notes on flickr.

In other news I am still awaiting yarn to finish my sweater, but I have begun a new project in the meantime.

I was recently generously gifted a bag of Noro Kureyon colorway 150 - thanks Sammie! So I very excitedly went through Ravelry looking at all the possibilities for this lovely wool and I jumped into this knitting project:

Entrelac Wrap.

I really like how it is coming together and it is a wonderful distraction while I wait for my bit of sweater yarn and the cotton for the last of Christmas knitting.

What are you all up to this Monday?


  1. Those mittens are beautiful! It makes me so happy to think of 19 folks so far away being connected to you (and your group) through this project. I am sure their warm hands will be thankful for the little bit of love you sent to them.

  2. I am finishing up a scarf (: I can't wait to see the wrap and your sweater!


  3. What a great project to participate in!


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