Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweater Progress and a Tribble

Happy Monday to all - I know those two things (happy + Monday) don't often go together, but today is warm and sunny here in the valley and there isn't much work to be done at the office so I am feeling a bit cheery.

I am also cheery because of my Wicked Sweater progress... are you ready for this? I cast on Friday night before going out to dinner and here it is folks - tah dah! Yes, I am so excited about this sweater that I have been knitting nearly non- stop. David was feeling especially goofy so it was difficult to get a photo. The goofiness is mostly because even though the time changed we found ourselves up at midnight last night - ridiculous.

Also I have been teaching my fellow volunteers how to knit - so far they have produced four and a half wash cloths and just cast on a hat and soon a scarf. They are doing really well and I am excited to share my addiction. David says I'm like a virus. Maw-ha-ha-ha. But because of their furious knitting I was able to try out this cool pattern with some scraps. For some reason it is called a Tribble, and I think they are very cute and a fabulous way to use up cotton rag scraps. Yes, I realize you can just make another rag with scraps, but why not have a little something else to wash dishes with.

Things to come this week... photos of my cotton scarf, leg warmer pattern with photos, and my lessons in learning to felt. Hope your Monday is sunny too!


  1. wow its looking great! i have yet to attempt anything that complicated yet! cant wait to see it finished! :)

  2. I am so impressed with your sweater. If I could learn to knit and immediately make that, I totally would! You really do have a talent, and I love that sweater!

  3. Great work! I love the color and neckline. It is going to be soooo cute!

  4. Your sweater tunred out fabulous!! I'm jealous of your speed, lol! And felt lessons??? I can't wait for that!

    <3 Mannie

  5. it's looking great! Look like it will be a gorgeous fit - I need to learn how to knit, this makes me so jealous :)

  6. AH! The sweater looks sooooo awesome!!

  7. Hi Emmy,

    Wow, you have gotten so much done on your sweater already! It looks lovely, great fit and color.


  8. very nice...also how fun to teach knitting.


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