Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls and Fish

Last Friday night David and I went out for groceries. I was in the mood for fish - this is a rare occurrence so I figured I'd better jump at the opportunity.

When I walked to the "fresh" (I live in a land locked state, how fresh can it be?) seafood section David said he was sorta hoping I was in the mood for the unhealthy breaded kind in the frozen section - granted, this is usually what I most enjoy. I scrunched my nose a little and said, "Let me see if I can do some good frying." And David said his only criteria was that it was crunchy and the breading stayed on - ha (that should tell you about my past attempts).

Before I continue you may be wondering why there is a photo of cinnamon rolls if I'm talking about fish. Well, just after we bought our talapia and green beans David mentioned how he was really in the mood for cinnamon rolls, all the sudden that sounded amazing so they were made on Saturday.

Okay back to the fish. When I got home I busted out The Joy of Cooking because all other recipes had failed me. The recipe for fish and chips sounded promising. It was a batter rather than a crumb based breading and that was the key to good crispiness. Success! David even wanted seconds although there were none.

So now we know we can make fried not-so-good-for-us fish at home, at least it won't have all the preservatives.

Saturday morning I made these cinnamon rolls from Smitten Kitchen. Although it was a long-ish process (lots of rising) it was definately worth the wait! Give 'em a try.


  1. oooh i love fish and chips! although haven't ventured into trying to make it myself!

    your cinnamon rolls look delish too!

  2. Yummie! When I fry seafood I use a buttermilk/panko breadcrumb breading method. I've never had it fall off anything, but then again I've only ever fried shrimp and catfish with it.
    I love Smitten Kitchen and I've tried several recipes from the site.
    BTW- I got out the Joy of Cooking," and this weekend will once again attempt to make a cake from scratch. Wish me luck!


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