Monday, April 20, 2009

Saddle Shoulder Sweater

Working on this sweater is one of my reasons for blogging silence, I got engrossed. Then I had to wait till the weekend to get photos for you, but now you can see how it turned out.

This Seamless Hybrid is my first Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern or formula. For the most part it went smoothly. When I reached the shoulders I had to do a lot of thinking to wrap my mind around the process, but after mulling it over and over it finally came to me. From there it was fairly simple.

I knit this sweater with Berroco Peruvia on US 7 needles. Here is my ravelry page for further measurement details.

The measurements I used to figure out my stitch count were from one of my favorite sweaters. I used a mixture of those sweater measurements and my actual real life measurements combined to get the stitch count for this sweater and even then I fudged it a little.

I am really very happy with the result. The look I wanted was casual and simplistic. I feel both of those were accomplished. Also it is super warm! It works great with my vintage snap up puff vests.

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  1. I love it! It looked even better in person last Wednesday!


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