Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday I spent a good amount of time beginning blocking for the Barn Raising blanket that is in progress. I'm glad I started blocking now because I don't think I would find much enjoyment in blocking 48 squares at once (and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even have enough pins!).

In general they all blocked out nicely although there were a few irritating squares. One definately stretched out much farther than the others, but I did my best to keep it at 7.5 inches square. And there were a couple that were a bit tight to stretch, but it all worked out.

I'm at 16 count on my squares - not too shabby, but I need another project to keep me going. For that next project I await my yarn shipment that is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. But there is a little bit of a catch to starting my next project.

David and I have agreed that this week (Monday through Friday) when we are home together we will spend time with eachother not doing our personal hobbies. *gasp* I know, but I think we can handle it (as long as work is slow so I can start my sweater!).

We both agreed that we had a gotten a little lazy with eachother so for this week no computer games or knitting/spinning when we are together at the apartment. Turns out this is a pretty busy week anyhow, but I think it will still be a good little excise for us.

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