Monday, November 16, 2009


I had to try so hard not to post this until my friend received it, but then I dropped the ball and didn't post it at all! So here it is, may I present the wedding barn raising quilt!

The top photo has more correct color balance (the snow was reflecting a LOT of light into the living room). I am thrilled with how the blanket turned out. I did block it after seaming and it made all the difference in the world. Prior to blocking I was afraid it was going to be too small to be a good couch blanket, since I wasn't aiming for a lap blanket, but in the end I think it worked out well.

One fun thing about this blanket it includes some milestone yarns. The yarn from the recipients first pair of socks, yarn from a thrift store trip we took together to Taos, yarn from her lost water bottle cozy, some of my first hand-spun, and a square of yarn from the town she plans to move to next year. I think it is fun to have those squares with memories.

Stay warm ya all ~ we have some fresh wet snow on the ground!


  1. emmy, this is totally gorgeous! i love it! and i'm jealous of your snow.

  2. Wow, Emmy! It turned out so beautifully - it's wonderful! I bet she loved it. I know I would! We're still really missing you at our knitting night.



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