Tuesday, November 17, 2009


David's second chance hat has been approved!

Some of you may remember this hat which I knit for him in February. Well, that hat wasn't "warm enough","tight enough", or "thick enough". So that hat become this hat, which I love.

So that left David without a hat and left me with a challenge. I debated about what fiber to use.

Since he wanted it to be warmer I considered using either angora or alpaca, but I decided alpaca had more drape than I wanted and angora was just WAY too warm. Despite his claims for more warmth I also know that he is rarely super cold. So I chose to go with good old fashion wool. Targhee to be specific.

For the tightness I went with a smaller needle size - US 3, 3.25mm - and of course, casted on few stitches then I generally would have - total 110 stitches. I was using my own hand-spun/hand-dyed that was a worsted weight yarn (9 wraps per inch).

To make the hat thicker I decided to do a double layer. I looked at some patterns on Ravelry and sorta went by what they said for the initial couple increases, but in the end didn't really follow their pattern. What looks like a giant tampon over on the left is what the final product looked like. It measured 22 inches... if I had the patience I probably should have made it 23 inches, but I'll blame it on my calculations.

So those were my adventures in designing David's new hat. I am so glad he likes as much as I do - though he is quite as excited as I am, but that is how things generally go, ha ha.

Tomorrow my Etsy shop will be closed in the evening as I am taking everything to a local home show. If you are in the area and have handmade Christmas shopping to do please come by for wine, appetizers and shopping!

This show is in Broomfield, Colorado at 1646 Redwing Lane (near 136th and Sheridan) from 6pm- 9pm, tomorrow November 18th!

If you have any questions leave me a comment with your email address, thanks!

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