Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FO: Brainless Socks

I was looking through my blog yesterday doing a little eval of topics I've posted about recently and there defiantly aren't enough Finshed Objects (FOs). So, I am going to try to remedy this, starting today.

These are my new brainless socks. I knitted them using the magic loop technique on size one needles. I have had this project on the needles since August. Originally I cast these on as a knitting distraction from my two larger wedding projects - wraps and blanket - and they did help a little bit.

The amazing yarn is hand dyed from the land down under. Hyena Petticoats is the artist, she has a blog and an online store. The color in the shot does not do justice to the awesome mustardy color so check out her websites.

As I mentioned the pattern is called "Brainless" and that is is in general. I had a knitting block when I got to turning the heel, but is because it had been awhile since I had knit toe up socks. The pattern can be found on Ravelry, for free, and the publisher is yarnissima.

I have yet to weave in the cuff ends, but I have already worn them a lot, just tucking in the ends - so LAZY! Okay, more to come on Christmas presents! Have a lovely Tuesday.

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  1. These socks turned out so well, Emmy! I really like the cable on the foot part and the neat triangle shape that forms the heel.

    It has been so warm and nice here this week - it doesn't even feel like the valley!



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