Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally in the Mail

After being completed for a month dear LuLu has been sitting staring at me. Probably thinking, "When on earth will this lady send me off to the awesome baby that is going to be my mama?!?!". Okay, well, I suppose if knit dolls could think then that would be what she was thinking. So last night she was packaged and today she is on the move.

I just absolutely love knit toys. They are just so snugly and homey. I hope that LuLu is well loved and drug through all the messes of childhood.

Speaking of knit toys, I am not usually one to plug a knitting book. In fact, I own two knitting books, both of which were gifts so listen closely. Itty Bitty Toys is such a great book! It is a book I actually plan to invest in at some point and has a ridiculous amount of cute projects! So check it out!

Olympic Update: Photo to come this weekend. I am on stripe number 13 of the 16 (I think). There are many many more stitches then when I began, so these stripes take quite awhile to complete. More to come.

Happy weekend to all!

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  1. We got LuLu on Monday. She is awesome. I am sure she will be well loved when Madison is old enough to love her. I love that her little clothes come off. I appreciate the time you took to knit a gift. I will send a thank you eventually, but this is the preliminary one. I wanted you to know she made it :)


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