Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ravelympics

I just had to get my blog up and running again because tomorrow the Ravelympics begin. For me, these are about as equally exciting as the actual Olympics (which I suppose isn't overwhelming excitement, but still fun!). For those of you who are not on Ravelry (therefore cannot click on the above link) let me share with you a brief explanation of Ravelympics.

What will happen is tomorrow night when the torch is lit my ravelympic team (my local knitting group) and I will cast on (start) our knitting projects. These projects cannot be cast on before the torch is lit and the goal is to complete them before the torch is put out at the closing ceremonies. Everyone sets their own personal goal of what would be challenging for them to complete in 17 days - and really in the end the only reward from the Ravelympics is personal victory.

BUT our team is going to give out a few prizes within our group. We will award fiber related prizes for:
--Most Yardage
--Epic Fail/You Tried!
--Most Ambitious Project
--Biggest Come Back
--Best Use of Color/Cables

Now, you must be curious what I have decided to knit. I have decided to knit Stephen West's Daybreak Shawl. I know, I know, some of you are thinking, "a SHAWL? really? why? you'll never wear a shawl!". I used to think this too until I started seeing all these cute photos of small and medium sized shawls being worn as scarves. Now, scarves are something I wear almost ever single day, all day. So, I think I will use this.

My main inspiration came from another project on Raverly by huckcity. She used the same yarn that I will be using (the two skeins photoed above) and it turned out super cute. I'm sorry if you don't have rav account but I don't feel comfortable posting her face on my blog since it isn't mine to be posting. Instead of posting hers here on the left is a model shot of the Daybreak.

So I plan to be posting photos of my progress throughout the olympics and maybe some thoughts on the actual Vancouver events too! What are you planning to knit during the Olympics?


  1. Wow, her shawl DID turn out super cute! I think it looks like a do-able project for 2 weeks! I am knitting a hat and two pairs of mittens, all with OLD stash!

  2. Hi Emmy,

    I'll be watching for updates! For some reason, we just haven't gotten into the Olympics this year.

    I'm still working on my socks, have been busy with kid care and family stuff the past few days and haven't even had time to knit. That always makes me antsy. As soon as I surf a bit I'm going to watch some late night TV knit a few rows.



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