Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Project Finished

Tah dah! I finished with a week to spare, but I decided against starting another project - I figure there is no need for knitting stress.

I finished binding-off on Sunday morning and got it blocking before heading off to church. I put a fan on it so I could wear it out in the evening.

I'm quite happy with how the colors came out, you never know what you'll get with self transitioning yarn. I'm not quite as happy with the size. It is definitely bigger than I anticipated. I think once I get used to it, I'll be a bigger fan. My husband said it looked good till I started striping it, ha!

Please excuse the poor photo quality. I seem to have no patience for getting a great photo these days. Anyhow, I think I prefer to wear it more like the photo on the right. When wearing it like the photo above I TOTALLY felt like I was wearing a bib.

So over all, a thumbs up, but it will take some getting used to and figuring out. I did make a few notes here on my project page if you decide to make this project too.

For now I continue with spinning a bobbin of angora (to go with some awesome alpaca) and knitting my side project socks and my stressful thrummed mittens.


  1. Hi Emmy,

    I think it looks great! Until you said it looked like a bib in the first picture - that didn't even enter my mind! I love how it striped. You really got it finished in record time.


  2. i love the colors you chose! fab.


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