Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting Knits to Come

Tomorrow begins a anniversary sale at WEBS , a quality yarn shop, and I have my shopping list ready to go. One of my favorite yarns, Cascade 220, will be going on sale as well as a couple others I would like to try. Today I shall share with you my shopping list and the projects in the line up for the yummy colors.

This very soft looking gray shall become this simple, functional sweater. And yes, this will be for myself. Have I told you yet that I am addicted to sweater knitting? Well, I'll admit it, I am. Oh and this yarn is Berrco Peruvia.

This amazing blue on the right has been chosen, by me, for a pattern test knit. It is Cascade 220. I am planning to offer a simple beginner hat pattern for free and I plan to do the test knit with this great color. Here is a look at the hat style.

Next on the list of test knits are my leg warmers. A friend of mine has agreed to do this test knit for me so she has chosen this great shade of green, again it is Cascade 220. Green is just a wonderful color! I am certain I own too much of it, but heck I can wear what I want, right?

Last on the list of pattern test knits are my convertible fingerless mitts. I just couldn't resist some yummy alpaca for this test knit, Schachenmayr Alpaka. Who doesn't want a cheery color in the winter? So I am going to test knit these with this squash yellow alpaca.

Once these yarns all get discounted I will be saving myself a pretty penny and spending one at the same time, but this is what I get for not owning a "stash". Truth be told, I enjoy buying yarn for each specific project, it gives me a chance to be spontaneous (if I want to, ha ha).

Anyhow, these are the project in my knitting line up. Until all this yummy yarn arrives I'll keep working on some spinning and knitting up afghan squares. What are you all working on?


  1. Oh my. I almost wish you hadn't told me that- I see some amazing yarns I want, but I have a college student budget. Oh, the temptation!

  2. Happy shopping! I'm loving the yellow at the moment!

  3. Uh-oh...yarn....my latest addiction! Nice blog!


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