Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Ah, it is the end of another work day. And this one included a chimichanga at lunch so there are no complaints here.

My weekend had a long "to-do" list attached to it and I'd say I feel pretty good about my accomplishments. Although, I will admit that I added more projects to my list than I finished.

My Saturday morning was spent tidying the house (check that off the list), balancing our budget (check), and hanging pictures and such (check). These cuties photoed are in our bathroom, what do you think? David really doesn't like them. But they are so functional!

In the afternoon a friend and I head down to Denver. Our only real goal was to visit Fancy Tiger. Goal accomplished, as well as a couple hours of coffee house knitting. Fancy Tiger is a great craft boutique. Their fabric had me fondling and wide eyed. Not to mention the books, yarn, fiber, and needle point. It is a modest sized store, but there is a very lovely selection.

Sunday I worked on some more projects. Recipes to try this week (check), grocery list (check), paint mirror frame (more to come on this project - check), cut fabric from Christmas presents (check), and relax with hubby.

All in all a wonderful weekend. Oh and did I mention it snowed this weekend. Yup, the first snow of the season. It wasn't inches or anything, but it has stuck around. And it looks pretty lovely with the autumn colors.

Stay warm!


  1. Ooooh, I love your idea! I might have to steal that for my jewelery!


  2. Hi Emmy,

    What a cute way to store your earrings! Not only are they easy to find, they look artistic and decorative, too.

    It's always nice to find something functional and decorative at the same time.

    It sounds like you are getting all settled in to your new home. Hopefully, we will be able to come up and visit soon!


  3. That is a cool idea! I probably wouldn't use it as a display personally, but I might try it for photographing earrings that I make!

  4. Love!
    I bought several shadow box photo frame thingies to display my necklaces and earrings but they didn't work quite the way I wanted. I love the fabrics you used! Fun!!


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