Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday Chance

I'm a schmo and didn't get a chance to post yesterday so technically this is your Thursday opportunity to enter the drawing. On the bright side I made huge progress on a project, but it is a secret for now.


  1. I'd love to enter your drawing. I don't spin, but I love to knit with handspun! Congrats on your blogiversary!

    :) phoenixfire on ravelry

  2. secret huh? :) not finished then. :)
    photo! Yarn!!

  3. I won't miss the opportunity!
    Yay for your purty handspun! And I'm totally favoriting your blog now... : )

  4. I would love to enter your giveaway. Love the yarn! About the picture of your husband...?

  5. Happy blogversary! I would like to enter your drawing.

  6. Yarn! It's lovely. I've never knit with handspun, but I'm "dyeing" to try some (sorry, very bad pun). So please put my name in...

    Also love your slouch hat. I just made the 'Bad Hair Day' pattern I found on Ravelry, long version, and I can practically make a ponytail with the slouchy part in the back. It's cozy - and not frumpy at all!


  7. i don't spin but i love to knit.

  8. Very Very nice. I love knitting since I don't work knitting has kept me insanely sane. :)
    I love hand dyed yarn. Actually been trying my hands at it and I think I'm in trouble.

    Washefuzzy on Ravelry.

  9. Hello Again
    I forgot to mention the part about wanting to be your draw. :)

    Washefuzzy on Ravelry

  10. Both the yarn and the photo are gorgeous! Nice to have such creativity in *both* of you :-)

    recordersmith on ravelry

  11. Would love to enter your drawing the yarn is lovely!

  12. ooo, a secret project (and another chance to enter for BOTH!!).

    damons [at] gci [dot] net

  13. Your yarn is breathtaking and so is the perspective in your husbands photo. I literally let out an "oh wow!" when I opened up this page. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.


  14. omg omg omg
    c'est magnifique!
    yarn and photo!

  15. Wow, beautiful yarn and the photo is 1 of my 2 favs (tracks is the other) I am in on the drawing!

    PS Nice to see a couple supporting each other in their arts. Congrats to you both.

  16. Hi Emmy,

    It would be nice to win the yarn, I know how well you spin!

    Did you guys get any snow? We still have some patchy snow left from our big storm on Wednesday. It is going to be cold tonight.



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