Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gray hat for a Grey Day

Two years blogging also means two years of having an Etsy shop. As I have said before, I hope to one day make Etsy my full time job, but for now I will enjoy the shop as it is.

I have been slow to add new items this fall - ya know, new job, new apartment, and custom orders have been keeping me occupied. But, for this week of Blogaverary celebration I wanted to be sure to add some new items to the shop.

Today started off sunny and warm, but has turned wintry, gray and cloudy - so, I thought I'd add a new Gray Wool Hat to my shop in light of the turn the day has taken. This hat is great because it is one of the few things in my shop that is truly a unisex gift. It can be so hard to buy the menfolk sometimes, but I like finding items like these cause then if the hubby doesn't like it I can wear it! ha.

If you haven't seen this week's give-aways be sure to click on the blogaverary link above.


  1. I hope you can do Etsy full time some day! Also hope that David does well selling his photographs.


  2. like I'd miss a chance at your yummy yarn or photo! :) Happy blogging!

  3. Love the hat... I really MUST learn to knit with circulars. I need hats to go with all my scarves! lol...

  4. unisex is good as i have mostly nephews who don't seem to like girly things!

  5. That's a cute hat!

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