Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Seasons New Hat

This is my new slouch hat that I just love. David says it looks frumpy (shout out to Sammie ;) ), but I like it anyhow.

The pattern is Felicity and can be found on Ravelry as well. I followed the pattern , just adjusted my needle size. This yarn is my own hand spun, hand dyed. You may recognize it from this post and this post.

If you haven't checked out the give-aways for this week look at my blogaversary post!


  1. Hanspun Felicity's are awesome!!
    It looks fantastic!

  2. Emmy,

    You made me laugh when I read your post today. Hey, Frumpy is good!!!

    You should see the frumpy new shoes I got! 100% old lady frumpy - but they feel like I'm walking on clouds!


  3. it's not frumpy, it's slouchy. :) so fun. yarn! photo!

  4. You are too adorable! And the hat is awesome!

  5. What a great hat!

    damons [at] gci [dot] net

  6. can someone out there tell me which m1 method you used in this pattern. there are several ways to m1, and mine are noticable in the hat . "v" increases.... yo would make a


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