Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Soon....

...to my Etsy shop (and this blog)- FRENCH PRESS COZIES in these AMAZING colors!! (can't you just hear it in that movie announcer voice?)

But really, I do almost have these cozies ready to post - just a little more blocking. I think I am going to add some robin's egg blue buttons to the persimmon colored one, white and green buttons to the purple one, and I am undecided on the blue..... hmmmm.

Which color is your favorite?


  1. The deep purple is always a favorite of mine!

  2. Mine too! (the deep purple that is). Love your Vinnland socks too.

  3. I'm loving the deep purple. It's actually really hard to find thing sin purple sometimes too!

  4. i had gotten one of your coffee cup cozies as my first etsy purchase...as soon as i saw the persimmon french press cozie go up in your shop i started drooling and my fiance just purchased it!! can't wait to get it in the mail, i am so excited!


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