Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soft Wool Hat

I realized I never shared the link for this cute new hat in my shop! I love these colors, but they just aren't colors I actually wear SO you all have a chance to snatch it up! I have plenty of a skein left so you may be seeing some fingerless mitts to match - or if you have a custom item that you would love to own made with this yarn feel free to contact me.

I'm still figuring out a new color format for this blog and banner and such. In my fiddling around I made a new banner (similar to this new one) for my Esty shop so go have a look! As of now I like the one in my shop better than on the blog so the Pointless Nostalgic banner is still subject to change. Any input would be appreciated!


  1. Hi EmmyLou! I misplaced the note where I wrote your blog address and etsy name and try as I might, EmmyLou without the last part just won't get you there. Thanks for commenting on my sweater. Wow, cute hat. Not your colors ... hmm. Luscious berry and coffee tones to me. I can see I've got some reading to do. Those cookies with the coffee and chocolate look fantastic!


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